Upcoming event : the 10th Shuttlecock French Open !

In a few weeks, France will be hosting the 10th French Open. Excitement is growing among the French Shuttlecock players, as the event will be the biggest ever organized in the country – before the World Cup in 2019 !

This anniversary will indeed be remembered as a landmark in the history of French shuttlecock. Players from about 10 countries will gather for three days in an incredible room located 20 minutes from Paris, with at least 12 playing courts.  « I feel very excited », says Ayman Moussa, president of France Plumfoot : « more than 100 players from Asia and Europe have answered our call and are coming to this competition. In addition to the intense sport moments that we are about to share, we’ll have also some extra activities to entertain the players in the evening. We will welcome all the players in good spirits, and in good shape for the game ! »

Of course, this Open will keep up with what has made the success of this competition over the years. The tournament will be played in teams, in all formats : single, double and triple. Moreover, the purpose is to play as much as possible : for this reason, the teams will not be eliminated if they loose. They will be allowed to continue playing against other teams so that in the end, all of them will be ranked.

For the French players, it is yet another occasion to prove they have improved since their last international competition. « France has elite players that can perform well. We won a silver and a bronze medal in the last European Championship ! », elaborates Ayman. « Furthermore, Anthony and I won a set against Hong Kong last time we met and we hope to do at least as well @ the French Open ! »

Dear shuttlecock players from all over the world, get ready : the French Open is coming ! We assure you it will be remembered not only as a great competition, but also as an occasion to further discover people from other cultures sharing the same passion : shuttlecock !

2 reflexions sur “Upcoming event : the 10th Shuttlecock French Open !

  1. Leonor Remedios

    Au nom de l’association des plumfoot de Macao, Chine, aimerait savoir si la « Coupe du monde » qui se tiendra du 15 au 25 août à Eaubonne est une compétition internationale ou est considérée comme un championnat du monde. Pour cette raison, nous demandons plus d’informations sur la preuve mentionnée ci-dessus.

    1. France Plumfoot

      Nous vous confirmons qu’il s’agit bien des championnats du monde ! Attention par contre, les dates sont les suivantes : arrivée le 19 et départ le 25 août 2019.

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