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Interview for the 10th Shuttlecock French Open : Germany !

The team of France Plumfoot is growing every year, little by little. A lot of active recruits joined the adventure this year, bringing new ideas and proposals. Among them are Thomas and Etienne, who decided to conduct several interviews about the French Open. After the first interview (Ayman for France Plumfoot), other presidents of national federations that send a team to the Open have answered their questions. Find below David Zentarra’s answers for Germany !

In about one month, the 10th French Open will take place in Eaubonne, a city located 20 minutes from Paris. This anniversary will without a doubt be a landmark in the history of Shuttlecock.  But is it the first time your team participates to the French Open ?

No! Of course not! I am not sure, but I think Germany have participated at all the French Open.

That’s great to hear ! What makes you want to come back every year? 

I could give you a lot of reasons to explain why we come back every year, but let’s talk about the important points in my opinion ! First of all, the atmosphere. We have a lot of friends in the community of “France Plumfoot”, it is always a nice feeling to meet them and enjoy the competition they organize. Second, the French Open is one of the biggest competition in Europe. We send every year 2 or 3 strong teams. These teams are hungry for titles and for playing games against the best teams in Europe. This year will also be the opportunity to play against  top teams from Asia! To win such a big competition is an honor for all players.

And what memories from previous French Open would you or your players like to share with us?

(Laughing) If you ask me personally I would talk about my first place at the French Open in 2011. These matches, this final, this party, these photos, these videos… This is a great memory ! Until this tournament it was about 10 years that Germany had not won an international competition. For me it was also my first Gold Medal !

So do you plan on doing as well for this competition ?

Well, last year we had a german final (FFC against FFH), it would be nice to repeat it ! But it’s hard to say, because I don’t know which teams will be sent by Asian countries.

Tell us how you prepare to achieve such a goal !  

Right now, this has to be our secret ! (Laughing)

Ok we get it, as you are afraid of the level of the new French players, you don’t want to share information that could help us beat you easily! Could you tell us more about Shuttlecock playing in your country ?

The history started since 1990. A complete description would be too long. I would say that today, about 75 players play competitions in Germany. In order to expand this community, we perform at a lot sportevents and shows, we visit schools, we organize big competitions…

We are newcomers, but we also have heard about what is going on in Germany…The world famous double team Sven Walter/Philipp Kühne is now separated, Sven playing for the Hagen club and Philipp for Haspe. How are they dealing with this break up? Are the kids ok?

Yep! The kids are okay with it (Laughing) ! Sven and Philip are fantastic shuttlecock players and did a great job in Hong Kong (At the last World Cup). I think this is a result of the hard work of the german nationalteam over the last years. A few years ago, we had a lot of good players, and now we have a strong team! And by “team” I mean not only 3 players, but the complete nationalteam. “Normally” Sven is not the double partner of Philip, and this time, we can change players without loosing quality, because everybody knows everybody. The French Open is an “open” competition, in which the players and clubs choose their own teams, its not the national trainer who decide about. So about this separation, you see its not my fault!

David, you have been out of the courts for quite some time. Could you tell us when we can expect to see you play again?

No, unfortunately not. You can believe me I plan and work every day hard for my comeback. My plan is to start 2019 with an outstanding fitness level, but that’s just a personal dream. How you can imagine, after five operations my plan may stand or fall over the potential problems of my knee. But for the moment my conviction is that if I have a small chance – I will use it! This conviction and my work will pay of, and I will come back on the highets level to play and win the biggest competitions with my team!

It’s nice to witness such determination ! We wish you the best in your recovery. Nevertheless, given your extraordinary results outside the field, have you considered giving up playing to embrace a coach career?

No, not one second…not now! I just try to use the time and my energy to push the players, the teams and the shuttlecock forward !

Finally, we have a tradition of giving everyone we interview a final word… Is there anything you would like to say to the French players, to any specific team or to the International Shuttlecock community before the tournament?

I would say that all the players should answer to the offers of the nations who organize the Open competitions!
This year there will be the French, Hungarian and Italian Open. Next year maybe other Opens will be organized too… At the Open competitions, you have the chance to learn and grow up in this fantastic sport like nowhere else (to see a lot of different styles, moves and high level matches), meet a lot of different personalities and friends, have fun, enjoy the countries…

So I would say, see you all at the Open!


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